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DN50-DN300 Groove End Butterfly Valve

Medium Capability:
Freshwater, Sea water, Air, steam, food, medicine and kinds of oil, acid, alkali, salt.
Long service life with reliable seal and without frequent maintenance. Butterfly valve have flow characteristics three times better than globe valve, and about 75% of a same size gate valve。Butterfly valve can be used for on/off service and throttling,They are superior in Multi-function as compared to gate or globe valves. Butterfly valve can be widely used in chemical field due to trim options and choice of elastomeric liner . 
Butterfly valve have feature of light in weight and small in size, for example, weight andsize of a 10” butterfly valve are 1/9 and 1/6 of a 10” gate valve. So butterfly valve is easy to install and save cost of piping system. Butterfly valve with resilient seat design can be bubble tight as compared to metal seated gate or globe valves. Butterfly valves offer 90-degree open to close. Butterfly valve is approximate 35-40% cost of a same size gate valve. Also low installed cost than gate valve. 
Properly installed butterfly valves are self cleaning and are less susceptible to failure due to trash material in pipe.

Structure and Parts List for Groove End Butterfly Valve

Nominal PressurePN10/16


 Outline Dimensions and Weight for Groove End Butterfly Valve DN50-DN300

Note: The Groove Dimensions above mentioned conform ANSI/AWWA C606. Top mounting conform ISSO5211.The groove dimensions can also meet standards from other countries.


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